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Villa Privilege Classic and Exclusive

The Ionian Islands region 

The Privilege Villas are a short drive to many area attractions. 

It is located close to the Top 10 destinations of Corfu, including the historic centre, the Palace and the Asiatic Museum


Anaktora - St Michael And George Palace

Unique archaeological monument of Georgian technotropy in the Mediterranean, located at the north part of west Spianada. The palace was build during the British ocupation around 1819. In front of it is located the statue of the second english governor Fr. Adam. From 1864 and until 1913 was the summer palace of the Greek royal family. 

Part of the palace is hosting the Asiatic museum and the municipal gallery., as well as the 

Bosceto Garden

Bosketo garden is found in the historical city of Corfu and particularly we meet him opposite of the famous Spianada square and near in the entrance of the Old Fortress. 

Bosketo garden characterize from the many types of flowers and the beautiful architecture decoration of his parterres. Also, in the garden there are and many statues and busts of famous Corfiots. It is a beautiful place to relax after a difficult day. 

The Mouse Island Pontikonisi (or Pondikonisi) is the trademark of Corfu.

The little island owes its name to its size. The main characteristic of Pontikonisi is the dense vegetation. On the island was built in the 13th century, the small Byzantine church of Pantokrator?. 

The approach in the island becomes with the boats that begins from the small fishing port that is found in front of the church of Panagia of Vlahernon. 

According the mythology, Pontikonissi is the rock that threw the storm the ship of Odysseus. The ship destroyed and Odysseus was founded as a castaway to the island of Feakes. An other legend said that Pontikonissi is the ship of Odysseus that Posidonas transformed in island. 

Paleopolis (Mon Repos Estate)

The Agora of the ancient city of Kerkyra was located at Palaeopolis. In the vicinity, several public buildings were erected along with sanctuaries, workshops, residences of consuls, rich craftsmen and merchants, and the dockyards of the harbour of Alkinoos. 

The first antiquities on the site were discovered during the British Protectorate, when part of the Doric temple at Kardaki collapsed due to bad weather conditions. Excavations conducted in the years 1936-1955 brought to light sections of the ancient Agora and the Early Christian basilica of St. Kerkyra. Since 1987 systematic excavations have been directed by K. Preka in collaboration with Prof. T. Hackens of the Louvain University. Recent excavations revealed the Roman baths, the dockyards of the harbour of Alkinoos and a large section of the stone pavement in the Agora. Extensive restoration work was carried out in the area of the Roman baths in 1994-95. 

Doric temple at Kardaki, dated to the end of the 6th century B.C. in the picture.

Address Palaeopolis (Mon Repos) 

Telephone +30-26610-30680, 

New Fortress

The New Fortress is found on the hill of Agios Markos and it protected the city from the west side. It has a wonderful view to the old port. The New Fortress was built between 1572 and 1645 by the Venetians. The fortification works were completed by both French and British. 

Its official name is Fortress of Saint Mark, however is knowner as New Fortress. It constituted by two twin bastions and is considered a architectural marvel. 

Especially impressive architectural characteristics of the castle are the two gates that are saved in a very good situation and bring even today the emblem of Galinotatis (the winged lion of Saint Mark). 

This historical monuments played an immense role during the World War II. Then, its archways were used as shelters. 


The Palace, located in the village of Gastouri, was erected in 1890 for Elizabeth (Sissy), the Empress of Austria as the solace of her soul. It was used as her summer retreat. Later the Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany bought the Palace. Directly below, on the coast, is the unusual Kaiser�s bridge, the stone built jetty where the Kaiser set out on his yacht for swimming trips. The Palace is definitely a place to take your camera. This beautiful building in picturesque gardens overlooks the sea and Corfu town. 

Famous to the British public as the birthplace of Prince Phillip, Achillion Palace is one of the most popular tourist destinations on Corfu, 


Paleokastritsa is one of the most celebrated beauty spots on the island, six small coves with incredibly clear water nestle in a coastline of hills and promontories draped in olive, cypress and lemon trees. Many claim that it was the site of King Alcinous's fabulous palace and the rock out to see, called Kolovri, is said to be the ship that carried Ulysses home.

The landscape combines blue-green waters with picturesque rocky bays. Here one can see the byzantine monastery of Panagia Palaiokastritissa, 

Sidari(Canal d�Amour) 

Sidari is the most famous tourist resort of north Corfu and one of the places that every visitor of the island have to see. It is found in distance 32 km away from the city. 

It has acquired world reputation, which it owes in famous "Canal d� Amour". It is an infrequent natural phenomenon. It is an underground path between two rocks that the visitor can easily walk to, due to shallow waters. This point is recommended for diving. There are many caves under the canal. 

Sidari beach has been awarded with the Blue Flag. The beach is really wonderful. The white carven rocks that look like natural sculptures and the light blue waters compose an exotic view. Except, from the Canal d� Amour, in Sidari you will also swim in the small coves that take shape between the rocks and give the sense of private beach. 

This is one from the first regions of Corfu that developed their tourist infrastructures. Nowardays, in the region function hotels and rented rooms. There are many choice for entertainment. Every summer over than 5.000 tourists are visiting Sidari and most of them are British. 

In Sidari the excavations have through in the light the relic of a settlement from the Neolithic period..


Ones of the most picturesque spots on Corfu Island is well known as the place that writer lived Lawrence Durrell. Surrounded by olive groves and flowers it offers a traditional atmosphere to the guest. Time has stop in Kalami and everything reminds as it was in the old traditional villages. There are tavernas, supermarkets, a bar with a swimming pool. At the Beach there is a variety of water sports and also boat hire and sunbeds. Transportation is regular to Corfu town

AQUALAND Anusement park

The most amazing waterpark in Europe AQUALAND is only 4 km far from Privilege Villas.

The endless Ionian sea is being artificially transported to the heart of Corfu Island, in Ag. Ioannis, on the main toad to Glyfada, creating a water oasis of 75.000 square meters. One of the most amazing and adventurus water parks in Europe, for children and all those young in spirit. With 600 free parking spaces in an area of 12.000 sq.m. privately owned space.

For all of you, who like water and its games, there are the Giant Slides, the Multislide, the Black Hole, the four Twisters, the Kamikazes, the Hydri-tube, the Crazy river, the Lazy River, the adventurous and full of activities pool, the 2 new �Free Fall� slides, the big size Jacuzzi and the big deep pool.

Our young friends may visit their own areas: the big shallow pool, the waterslides for children, the flat ramp for children, the slippery octopus, the screaming frog, the shower mushroom. They can also entertain themselves to the out of water games: the adventure playground, the bouncing castle, the videogames room and the specially designed area of 3.000 sq.m for mini-cars.

For all of you who want to have fun with your family, Aqualand has already cared, 2 new games, the Family Rafting and the Deep Blue Kayak. The qualified lifeguards, that look after your safety, the special service people with special needs, the water which is everyday re-changed and continuously filtered, are few of the high level services offered by AQUALAND.

You will also find free sunbeds and umbrellas, spacious changing rooms and showers, high quality fast food, restaurant and gelateria, boutique, mini market and fast photo-print shop, safety lockers available, wet and dry central bar.

AQUALAND, a unique freshness and joy for those who wish to have an unforgettable experience.


The Yachting and Kontokali Diving Club, at Marina Bay is also 4 km far from the Villas.