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Eat and Drink
Eat and Drink
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Etrusco Restaurant in Corfu, Greece

Our passion for gastronomy and culinary art is what urged us to create a friendly and warm environment for a journey to the world of culinary delight. Our moral satisfaction derives from the smile of a content customer. Our aim is a constant search for the composition and the perfection of unique dishes.

Ettore Botrini

The Corfiot Italian Ettore Botrini, born on 14th March 1969 and brought up in Corfu.
In 2006 as well as in 2009, he had practical training next to his friend and 3 stars awarded chef Martin Berasategui.
He has a long professional path as from 1986 to 1992 he received training and worked with his father Etrusco Botrini, a chef himself, in numerous MED Clubs all over the world.
In the next two years he worked in the family business “Etrusco” restaurant in Corfu, an award winner among the best restaurants in Greece with continuous upward rankings from food guides.
In 1993-94 Ettore Botrini continued his training in various awarded with Michelin-Star restaurants in Monaco/France which was followed by his return to Corfu in 1999 in order to take over as the head chef of “Etrusco” restaurant.
He continued his training though, since in 2006 he moved to Spain where he attended a number of seminars in molecular cuisine and completed his practical course



At Etrusco Restaurant Corfu, our focus is on complete experience. In doing so, we want to highlight the relationship between the raw nature, produce and our cultural history.


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One of the most historical and beautiful restaurants in Corfu town.
It’s a new era for one of the most romantic restaurants in Corfu. The Venetian Well Restaurant has been renovated and opened its doors under a new management, ready to dawn a new successful path!
Atmospheric, romantic, with open tasty horizons, overlooking the beautiful Kremasti Square, in front of the historical venetian well.
Its cozy and carefully decorated interior combines good aesthetics with the building’s history and promises unique monents in cold winter nights,while in the summertime the seating area in Kremasti Square, one of the most picturesque squares of Corfu, will definitely offer you a delicious journey in time!
The “Venetian Well” re-enters the gastronomic map of Corfu and will be open all year long!
Tel (+30)694 428 2123
Tel (+30)266309 1566